Efficient SASH is a window that has been designed especially for customers looking for modern windows intended for new buildings. Efficient SASH combines the traditional SASH window functionality with modern trends, avoiding unnecessary ornaments and additives such as HORN, and maximizing the glazing surface in the window construction.
This provides up to +78% more light compared to conventional SASH WEIGHT and more than +27% compared to conventional SASH SPRING SLIDE.
Efficient SASH can be made of softwood - Pine or hardwood - Merantii, Oak and very durable, exclusive ACCOYA wood. Customers can choose from any RAL color internally and externally. For those who value the appearance of natural wood, we offer a range of stain colors by GORI, which allow the timber structure to shine through.
This range of products not only combine the traditional SASH window functionality with a modern, innovative design providing high thermal insulation, our customers can also choose out of a few different opening types and security options:
1. MODERN Timber SASH SLIDE Uw=0,95 W/m2K* – sash 68 mm ; glazing: 4x12x4x12 ; Ug= 0,7 W/m2K
2. MODERN Timber SASH SLIDE Fixed Uw=0,95 W/m2K
3. MODERN Timber SASH SLIDE & TILT Uw=0,97 W/m2K* – sash 68 mm ; glazing: 4x12x4x12x4 ; Ug= 0,7 W/m2K
4. MODERN Timber SASH ANTI-BURGLARY Uw=1,1 W/m2K* – sash 68 mm ; glazing: P4x10x4X10x4 ; Ug= 0,8 W/m2K
* - Uw value of 123 cm x 148 cm window with both sashes movable 

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Uw=0,95~1,1 W/M2K